• GB Ghabbour Auto Commercial Vehicles “When Reliability Meets Comfort”


    For the past 65 years GB Ghabbour Auto has made its way to the leadership port through delivering automotive products with market needs in mind and drivers in heart. GB Ghabbour Auto believes that the car isn’t only a transportation vehicle, but a life partner, and driven by this belief GB Ghabbour Auto has always been keen to deliver to the Egyptian market what better suits its needs and exceeds its expectations.


    Various Names, Unified Quality


    Because you trust us, we only represent trusted names. GB Ghabbour Auto‘s diverse portfolio of commercial vehicles entail diverse brands, yet offers unified quality standards. GB Auto’s portfolio will introduce you to the world’s most powerful and efficient vehicles. 

  • The vehicles provided gather all what you search for under one roof, as these vehicles are designed to offer you the superlative functionality levels with the outmost drivers’ comfort. Additionally, these vehicles were made to be the durable partner that shares with you the toughest duties. 


    The World of Endless Benefits


    When you purchase a vehicle from GB Ghabbour Auto, you receive international standards of craftsmanship and quality at a competitive cost. We have the nation’s largest after-sales service network, meaning you can also depend on us to provide you with the after-sales service you need to ensure that your vehicle remains in optimal condition.